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Top 10 Bikes Of EICMA 2017

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While you might already be satiated with the Thanksgiving Feast we served up over the last couple of weeks about all the new bikes that might be coming to the World’s Biggest Motorcycle Exposition, the new bikes that did appear at EICMA, and the future new bikes that might be in the works for next year’s EICMA – have you watched our full-color live-action videos of all of them?

You got your Vitpilen 701 and 401, your Panigale V4, your Z900 RS and RS Cafe, your all-new KTM 790 Duke, that tasty H2 SX, your Honda CB1000R nee Neo Sports Cafe, and so many more yada, ad infinitum… we’ve already covered them all in print and in glorious 1080p HD. But have you seen all ten of our Top Ten bikes from EICMA all wrapped up in one tidyish package, narrated by yours truly? (I feature a face for radio and the narrative skills of a writer.) Not until now you haven’t. Enjoy, this one’s on the house. Really they’re all on the house in the land of MO, you aren’t paying a red cent for any of it, you freeloaders!
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Purchased brand new 2017 gsxr 750 and loved it!!! Until the output shaft broke while I was riding it. 7000 miles. Suzuki is covering under warranty but cannot identifiy the problem. There have been other instances of this. Bike has been at the dealer for almost 90 days and still not fixed. Suzuki states they will not guarantee this won’t happen again and told me to ride at my own risk!!! Dealership says Suzuki has not sent all the parts!!!! BECAREFUL OF THIS MODEL. The bike was never dropped and didn’t have a scratch. Not sure if it’s a design problem or defect. But obviously dangerous!!! It simply makes a loud bang and then won’t move!!! I have always been a Suzuki fan until this. 14000.00 and 90 days and no bike. Also the 2017 gsxr 1000 has a recall regarding ecu which results in chain breaking
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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