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Re: to those with HID\'s

you will need to remove the front nose if you wish to install HID on your gixxer. I don't remember the exact steps, but here they are (someone correct me if i am wrong):

1. remove 3 bolts from the left side and 3 bolts from the right side of the fairing. (outside of the fairing)
2. remove the bottom black plastic piece (to remove the clips, push in on the middle part)
3. remove the 2 screws with philips head screw driver connecting to the mirror bracket. If you look at the center gauge, you will seee 2 screws on each side, you need to remove the bottom screw.
4. then there is one clip on each side inside the fairing (this is the hardest clip to get to). the location of this is around the front turn signals, but on the inside.
5. Then you will remove the clip that is on the air dam. You can see it by looking down at the center gauge.

After you've removed these, you'll be able to slide off the front nose.

REMEMBER! Do not step on those clips. They are quite fragile if you step on them.
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