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To repaint or not to repaint?That's the question.

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To repaint or not to repaint?That\'s the question.

I'm thinking of repainting my '91 gixxer1100. It is the black/red/silver model(which is rather rare in Austria,almost all other gixxer are blue/white).
The painting is quite ok for a 11 year old bike except for some scratches at the tank and bodywork.
Now I would like to paint it black all over with the lower part of the tank silver 'cause I'm so fond of black bikes (my other bike,a Yamaha FZR 1000 ('91) has the same painting)
All my friends have told me not to do so because:
1)it still has the original paint
2)if I'd like to sell it people might think I had
an accident
3)dealers would give me a lower price if I'd like
to trade it in(in fact I'm not thinking of
selling it within the next 5 years)
4)old gixxers are very,very rare in Austria(it
took me 8 months to find mine)

What would you recommend? I have no idea what to do.Going for the original or "spoil" it by repainting?

Thanks in advance!
See ya!

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Re: To repaint or not to repaint?That\'s the question.

If it were me,I would keep the bodywork O.E.M.Especially if you say that GSXR's are hard to come by.Your buds bring up a good point.The first thing I think when I see a re-painted bike is "CRASHED".That usually turns out to be true.Also,most knowledgeable buyers will shy away from a re-paint for the same reasons.It is also VERY HARD to match the quality of factory paint.When was the last time you saw runs on O.E.M. bodywork?Thats not to say that a very skilled painter can't match or exceed the quality of O.E.M.,but those are hard to come by,and expensive at that(ya' get what ya' pay for)I personally would replace with Suzuki plastic,IMHO
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Re: To repaint or not to repaint?That\'s the question.

I would not repaint it. What about buffing out the small scratches.
Re: To repaint or not to repaint?That\'s the question.

I have a set of body work that would fit that you paint what ever the hell scheme you would want and keep yours original, I put TLR race glass on my 92 so he stuff is just taking up space, I might be able to cut ya some slack to shipping to Austria
Re: To repaint or not to repaint?That\'s the question.

DO NOT PAINT IT!!!! KEEP OLD GIXXERS THE WAY THEY ARE WHENEVER POSSIBLE........IT KEEPS THE HISTORY BEHIND THE BIKE ALIVE!!!!! I hate paint jobs on old gixxers, I am a fan of original graphics myself. Its getting harder and harder to find old gixxers in there original state......we as old gixxer fans must keep the old look alive!

long live "hyper sports"!!!!!
Re: To repaint or not to repaint?That\'s the question.

I just sold a 91 1100 with those colors and it was clean and unmolested. I like that paint jod alot. The bottom line is Its your bike and if you like something different do it. If your plastic is clean I would find a clean used set to paint and save the orginals. My 88 711 has had 4 different sets of bodywork on it but I kept the orginal (red/black/white) wraped up to keep it new. I bought my 88 new and never plan on selling it. I am about to buy a one owner 90 1100 from my best riding buddies. It to is real clean and I plan on leaving it that way.
Re: To repaint or not to repaint?That\'s the question.

Thanks for your advice!
I cleaned my bike on the weekend and now it looks as good as new. So I think I'll stick to the original paint and invest the money in some other parts.
Once again, thank you!
See ya !

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