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Run from them as far as you can. Our team started to cooperate with them, ordered two sets of whells. It was last year on ending the season. Today we still have no wheels, they where lying few months, about painters, later about postage, now they dont answer the phone. If you need more info about those lyiers here is my email [email protected]
Dont do the same mistake as we did, BEWARE!!!

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Yes there was a rough start before I came on but everyone got what they paid for.. If not tell me so because we are doing things different now.. I can tell you what's going on now ..First off I'm offering a promo...List at is $2199 and I am offering a promotion of $1800...Why?? To dispell some of these rumors and put some sets in the hands of members for real reviews. You can purchase them with PayPal for your protection and if you don't receive them in 30 days or less I will refund your money. Current delivery time is 3 weeks. We sold a set on ZX-10R.NET so look for his review in less than 3 weeks from now. I will even go further if you pull them out of the box and hate them...I will refund your money minus shipping to me in the Midwest. Rickey Gadson is racing a bright red set on his Gen 1, 500hp ZX10R. He is racing this weekend I think as he missed last weekend do to TV show obligations. I'm sure he will post something as he always does.
He needed a little more juice because Suzuki was unbeaten in Battle of the Brands😪....Moore Mafia couldn't decide on color and he likes his carbon....If you are interested or you have more questions please email me. It's a great deal on a top shelf wheelset. You won't be disappointed. I put mine in the living room for a week and stared at them like some kind of I hope one of you guys takes up the offer and gives us their thoughts. Any questions email me directly.
Thank you...
[email protected]


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