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Hey guys,

So I started working on my bike 2 weeks ago with some spring prep and valve adjustments and left it in pieces while waiting for parts to come in. Now I am having a brain fart, can someone clarify with me what position the pistons will be in when timing and aligning the exhaust cam marker #1 in line/parallel with the valve head gasket? I understand that you need to line up the crankshaft Indents with a 14mm socket but I’m now confusing my self if I put it in position D or E (indicated in manual). Currently if I stick a zip tie down the cylinder it feels as the following:

Cyl #1: tdc or close
Cyl #2: bdc or close
Cyl #3: bdc or close
Cyl #4: tdc or close

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys! ?
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