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Ti anyone?

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Yes I know, but I just wanted to personalize my bike my way. So I decided to make it a little lighter.
Pretty much all the nuts n bolts in BLUE are Ti.
they came mostly from ProBolt USA or ProTi.
the rear spools are aluminum.
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The gold pistons in the calipers are Ti with a ti gold coating on them. They are also castled as well.
All banjo bolts are Ti the pad retaining pin on the rear caliper is Ti.
the slide pin on rear caliper is Ti but not blue and the bolt for the rear caliper is Ti as well. All the nuts and bolts and bleeders are ti on the RCS 19 corsaCorta.

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More pics.
Front caliper and bleeders mounting bolts are Ti.
Yes, there was a red SS brake line on the rear caliper before i changed to yellow. But it is a better pic i had of the rear caliper.
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Not Ti but a good weight savings was the shorai battery. Stock was 7.7 lb you can see the Shorai is light even with the foam to keep it from moving
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Nice. your bike must be light as a feather.
Caliper pistons are titan classics. They are heavier than the stock pistons.
I believe the stock pistons are aluminum. i believe Ti would resist the heat better when hard on the brakes.
The front axle nut is stock. Came with the bike.
the front and rear rotor bolts I put on last night. From ProTi. have to get pics.
I went with ProTi for the rotors because they are forged. Seems to be stronger than grade 5 ? i am not sure.
i also have yet to put on the Ti kickstand nut and bolt from titan classics.

great information. Thanks. I will look into the aluminum bits for sure.
Thank you.
The pic I posted I believe are pressed in all the way.
no they do not touch the dust seal at all on my calipers.
from what I have read. They are there to get any heat out
of the piston to eliminate hot air pushing the pistons back
in to the calipers.
I only have about 200 miles on them. I even measured them
with digital calipers. They were all the same. I was surprised.

I was looking for a kickstand as well. no luck.
if I do run across one I will let you know.
Thank you.
that was an amazing build for sure.
my goal is under 400. Should not be too hard.
I have always wanted a K5 K6.
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Added Probolt USA Ti Sprocket nuts
Probolt USA Ti Axle Poinch Bolts
Ti Front and rear rotor bolts from ProTi
ProTi Fender bolt kit

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Better Pics of the ProTi CorsaCorta ti nuts N Bolts kit they sell
ProTi Fender bolt kit.

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