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Ti anyone?

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Yes I know, but I just wanted to personalize my bike my way. So I decided to make it a little lighter.
Pretty much all the nuts n bolts in BLUE are Ti.
they came mostly from ProBolt USA or ProTi.
the rear spools are aluminum.
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What is the source of the titanium brake caliper pistons? The banjos and bleeders are available in aluminum, which is lighter yet. Aluminum washers are also available, which with the aluminum hardware, may minimize galvanic corrosion. The nut on your front axle looks like aluminum. Is it? My K6 uses a heavy steel bolt that I've never liked. Titanium rotor mounting bolts are available. ProBolt and ProTi have nice stuff but it's expensive. You can get significantly cheaper bolts on ebay and AliExpress. I've replaced nearly all of the external bolts on my K6 with titanium, ex. for the clutch and generator covers. Gun drilled titanium caliper mounting bolts used to be available with weights that approached that of aluminum. The rear axle nut is available in titanium from ProBolt but it's not a locknut and is too expensive. Something similar is available on AliExpress for one fourth the price. Titan Classics has it as a locknut but but it's pricey. Lightech sells the bolts that attach the valve cover in aluminum with various colors. The bolts that attach things like the throttle cable guides and the brake reservoirs can be replaced with aluminum. I'm currently trying to replace the spacer for the fuel tank pivot with magnesium. A carbon fiber spacer would be lighter yet.
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I have K9 monoblocs on my K6 and have been interested in titanium pistons because, though they're heavier than the OEM aluminum pistons, grade 5 titanium conducts heat at 1/25 that of 6061 aluminum and 1/2.5 that of stainless. That's a huge difference. About two years ago I contacted Titan Classics as they listed the Honda pistons but not Suzuki. I included detailed dimensional info on the Suzuki pistons. His response was garbled and I didn't want to gamble on them fitting. I see that he now has a specific listing for the K9 Suzuki's.

I have some concern about the reliefs that Titan cuts into the pistons, specifically do they interfere with the dust seals on the caliper. Have you noticed any issue there?

Suzuki mounts the kickstand to the frame underside where it gets a lot of road grit, etc. and the mounting bolts tend to seize in place. I replaced my mounting bolts with titanium as well as the pivot bolt. I'd also like to replace the kickstand with aluminum but the only ones that I can find are for lowered bikes. The pad at the bottom is also distinctly smaller, which I don't like.
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There's a big thread here where T.R.E worked hard to lighten his K7 1000. I think he got it down to 330-340 pounds.
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