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This is my first bike ever. never rode anything before. its a 2008 gsxrr 600. sometimes when just simply cruising the bike will throw a up a f1 and the light will come on. when this happens the throttle gets very jerky and spotty. have to pull it back quite a ways and then it jerks fwd. its not smooth or easy going untill i shut the bike off and turn it back on. ive noticed itll do it when im in any higher gear, 3-4-5-6 if i let it cost down to say 35mph in 6th itll throw the code. and like 20mph in 4th. and sometimes it has done it while getting on it. tonight i tried the dealership mode with the paper clip but as soon as i shut the bike off or use the kill switch it goes away leaving me with no code. ive done some research on other threads and most are describing different conditions or circumstances that lead to similar issues im having. i dont mind taking it to a dealership or buying the scanner to actually check it if its not outrageously expensive. but i dont have a dealership close that i know of that can fix it. i really just want to get this issue figured out so i can move onto other things.
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