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thinking of buying a dirtbike

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What do you guys recommend for a beginner in dirtbikes? Im about 5'10" and about 180lbs.

Ive read up on a few dirtbike forums, but its mostly a bunch of teens giving advice and its all mixed up.

I was looking at a yz125 since theyre cheaper than 250 four strokes and easier to rebuild if needed. Anyone got any other thoughts or suggestions? I went to my local dealer today to check them out and theyre fkin tall lol.

Plus it has to be 2002 or older since im in cali.
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I would recommend going 4 stroke you get nice consistent power right through. Ive had 2 strokes in the past, its either no power at all or full throttle power at top. If your riding a 600 street bike you can handle a 450 but like guys have mentioned 250 may be better. The new 250f's are all FI too which makes them even more responsive; complete night and day compared to carb. Also 4t's do just as well in trail I've never had a problem. Best bet is find out when a local track is doing a demo day. Manufacturers bring in their whole lineup to test ride!
250 four strokes are like riding a honda c50 step through unles you can really ride one, two strokes feel faster ie a a 125 will be more fun but the modern 4 strokes are the way forward in my opinion
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