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To All:

First hello. I'm a new fish here. Just a handful of posts and not a whole lot of meaningful knowledge to contribute. But I do have one thing, ambition.

If you've ever been to Sturgis, SD (my home of 14 years) and had the opportunity to ride through Vanocker Canyon to Nemo, SD you know that it represents one of the most pristine sportbike canyon runs anywhere. I'm spoiled to have this in my backyard. 17 miles, 87 corners, major elevation changes that'll make your ears pop, clean/smooth pavement (except for "the pond", big bumps there), and good visibility for most of the entire length.

A thought has entered my head to pursue the prospect of having the road closed for a few days to host a formal TT style race. -Emulating the spirit of The Isle Of Man TT. I know, a unicorn, a pipe dream, a waste of time.

Ben/Eric Bostrom, Micky Dymond, and the President of Ducati North America also share this interest. It is by sheer coincidence that my path has crossed with them. They don't know me from Adam, but we share this common interest.

Sturgis, SD, IMO suffers from a bit of tunnel vision. The Rally has become so commercialized with corporate vendors that the core has been lost IMO. It started with a handful of bikers organizing the Jack Pine Gypsy Bike Club and hosting an annual race. 9 people attended the first year. Today the population of the state doubles.

The core of all of this is one thing:


Today's racing scene today is limited to flat track riders "brrrrrrping" their way around a circle on dirt bikes. We do have an 1/8th mile drag strip and a once a year hill climb. That's it. One would think this area would have been capitalized on a long time ago with road racing. Not so much...

This idea of a TT has some backing. Ducati is on board to sponsor it I'm told. I don't know that for an absolute fact, but the word comes from a reliable source (A former member of the Rally Board). The potential to have this formally sponsored and orchestrated is real. What it takes is a strong message from the SB community. That is why I'm posting this.

Other business owners in the area are also ready to help. The local Ford Dealership just put up a marquee store that is at the entrance to the canyon. It's the perfect venue for a starting line/pits, etc...

A charity ride is scheduled for August 10th. Below is a posting I made a short time ago on a FB page for S. Dakota Sport Bike Riders. It costs $80 bucks to attend. This is a charity donation with all the money going to a good cause. This ride is the catalyst and political lubricant to help usher the proposed TT race.

It is being organized by "Sturgis Guns", a small retail outlet here in town. I too work in the firearms industry. I've been a gunmaker for almost 20 years, owning my own business for the last 7 years. I have no affiliation with Sturgis Guns. Our business models are radically different.

This has nothing to do with firearms. It's purely about Sport Bikes.

You are ALL formally invited to attend this and I thank you for your time.

Ride safe.

FB posting sent out this morning on the SD Sport Bike Riders page:

August 10th. Mark it on your calendars PLEASE!

As most know, I've been pursuing the idea of a formal TT style race event using Vanocker Canyon as the venue.

On August 10th a Charity Ride is being tentatively scheduled as part of the Sturgis Rally. Ben/Eric Bostrom and Micky Dymond are the pointmen of this effort.

The President of Ducati North America is also slated to attend.

I am told the City Manager of Sturgis, Daniel Ainslie wants to cancel the event because he is of the opinion that SD does not have enough of a sportbike presence/following to warrant the effort. The new Rally Director, Jerry Cole is of the same opinion.

It is our job to educate them about our community. Every single person who owns a sportbike needs to make a serious effort to attend this event.

This is the political lubricant needed to work towards the next step;

Orchestrating a formal race through the Northern Hills along Vanocker Canyon to North Nemo Road and finally ending in Deadwood. This charity ride is the one time where all of us can be at the same place at the same time. If this is going to happen it means we MUST make an impression. Our collective voice is the only way this can ever happen.

PLEASE! Get sick, fired, divorced, vacation, I mean whatever it takes. BE in Sturgis on August 10th for this ride.

Send an email to the Sturgis SD Mayor, City Manager, and the Rally Director, telling them NOT to cancel the ride. Express your thoughts and opinions about the lack of sportbike tailored events in the area. Tell them that WE DO have a following here and that they are missing opportunity by ignoring us.

[email protected] (Mayor)
[email protected] (City Manager)
[email protected] (Rally Director)

SD Sportbikes FB Page:

Please pass this information to every single person you know who can help make this happen. We must have a presence to get their attention. Jump on forums, make noise about it next time you are in a bike shop, chase guys/gals down on the street and let them know. Burn copies of this post and keep a handful with you. Slip one under a parked bike's windscreen.

This CAN happen but as I've said numerous times. One person isn't going to carry the momentum that it needs. It's "ALL IN".

Thank you.


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You may end up just getting the same guys who run Pike's Peak. Motorcycling in America all together has a different culture. Unfortunately, I don't see the entire population of sportbike riders flocking that way to support this, especially since the only other sportbike rider I've seen that isn't is flipflops, short, and sunglasses here is @GiXXerRiDer86 :lol
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