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The 10 Most Reliable Motorcycle Companies

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Here at we get to ride all of the newest, latest, and greatest motorcycles on the planet. However, more often than not, our time with each bike spans the course of weeks, maybe months (but definitely not years), as new bikes are constantly flowing through our proverbial garages, waiting to get tested. This means we have reviews of almost every motorcycle on the market, but it also means that we lack firsthand experience learning about long-term durability and maintenance. So, when our readers ask about the reliability of a certain make or model, it’s a difficult question to answer, as reliability testing requires ownership for several years – something we simply aren’t in a position to provide.

Thankfully, the folks at Consumer Reports have compiled a motorcycle reliability study, gathering information from more than 11,000 riders, sharing their experiences on more than 12,000 motorcycles purchased new between 2008 and 2014. With this data, CR adjusted for mileage ridden over a 12-month span and estimated failure rates. Like golf, the lower the number (or percentage, in this case), the better the score. CR’s language in the link above is vague, using words like “trouble prone” and not defining what constitutes a failure. Nonetheless, the results are still relevant. Here they are, from worst to best.
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Idunno..... the few I've actually seen were fugly... like the one in the article. Is it just me? I'd wear a full face with tinted visor, NOT for protection.

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Ahhh, now THAT I get. Like I said, I haven't seen many but the ones I have seen really weren't 'pretty'.

I'd rock that :thumbup

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Never seen a monoshock custom before, or such a wide fork stance to accommodate a bicycle tire? :lol Very slick looking bike. And of course, that big-assed twin looks awesome on there.

That bagger though..... 'hideous' is still being far too kind. My god, what were they thinking? :vomit
Nah, Bob wouldn't call the guy an asshole for something as 'innocent' as post whoring his count up to a staggering 3 whole posts.

He probably just forgot to take his Tourette's meds today?

Or maybe @kwaka10r tried sneaking back in again :lol
Fucking spammer, they come in and try to make a bunch of dopey posts quickly so they can post their spam links.

He posted this in a 2 year old thread about winning tickets to COTA.

"hi everyone... good info.. thanks for the posts"

When I first read that I knew he was up to something. :lol


Ahhhh, goes to show you. I even checked his other posts and while they were trite, vanilla shit, it didn't raise any red flags. I didn't catch the winning tickets thing at all. Good eye.

Hey, you're not just a piece of ass after all. Who knew?
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