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TB Secondary Motor

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My 600 was in a wreck last fall, and suffered a broken motor casing on the sec butterfly motor.

Half of the guys I speak with say that the secondarys can be removed with no ill effects, as with the 1000, while the rest say that removing the secondarys will affect the throttle response on the 600.

Any thoughts?

PS....If I'm going to replace the motor, I'll need to get a new one soon, but if not, I'll rip out the secondary's and call it a day....

Do the sensors for this motor and the tps mounted on it need to be jumpered out somewhere on the ECU?
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First take out the butterflies only .... this is a quick job ... 10 minutes, and see how you like it.
I liked it and took out the rod and step motor too. My FI light flicks on and off between temperature readings, but it doesn't bother me. If you want to fool the ECU so that the FI light goes out, the step motor needs to be (re)connected.
Thanks for the reply......

I might give it a go.

Thanx again
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