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My girlfriend and I watched the races on speed channel. By the way, my girlfriend almost got mad at me, because I couldn't keep my mouth shut!!!

Let me tell ya, Matt Malidin, along with the new K5 are unbeatable.
The best rider, on the best machine. No contest. I felt sorry for the other riders on the other bikes. I would have liked to seen Duhamel on K5. Everybody could plainly see how inferior the other bikes were. The duc people must be really smarting over how their high price, high matinance machine faired against the K5, in which you can buy three K5s for the price of one of those Duc R machine.
In fact, all of them should have been on K5s. Just like NASCAR does, put them all in one identical machines. Then we would have had a race.

Clearly, the K5 has shown it dominance, and this was the first outting. I hate to see what happens when they really fine tune the K5. I wouldn't be suprise if they started reshaping the race track or weigh the K5 down with extra wieght..
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