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Re: replica pics

dont one of our members have a EM replica or something similiar?
Damn, a good post got by me...... Yeah that would be me I guess..... I don't know if you can call it a replica though. What I have is the original body from one of their race bikes. They had a few different paint schemes between 1994-1996 for the EM race bike, I think mine is actually a mixture of their 1995 bike (upper, lowers & gas tank) where as the tail is from their early 1996 season race bike. They got these body kits from Yoshimura (except the tail).... if you look closely you can see the Yoshimura blue on the edges near the carbon fiber ram air ducts. I imagine the upper / lowers were run on Thomas Stevens race bike at one time before they gave them to the EM team. The bodies are sweet though, Works Suzuki race team carbon kevlar upper and lowers (extremely light)...... the aluminum gas tank was a works suzuki tank that was modified to hold 6 gallons of gas for racing at Daytona.

From the day this bike started showing up on the Fox Shock adds in the Roadracing World magazines in 1996 I wanted that bike so bad.
With a little work I was able to buy the complete set in 2001when the EM / Corona Extra race team was trying to clear some room up in their race shop..... I believe I've bought all the watercooled parts stuff they had with the exception of the works radiators they had but they were a bit pricey for me at $2 grand a piece.

Here it is....
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