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Enjoyable evening. Got my 17 year old boy to strip the engine down and remove the block so we can send it with the head to engine re-conditioners.
He did a good job. Looking forward to getting it back and fitting it all back together.
Bore was in good condition no scoring, pistons ok with some minor vertical marks in the lower skirt.
Had a moment when just after I said "Dont drop the camshaft chain in to the engine." he dropped it.
Recovered it ok and chain still properly engaged on crank gear - Fark.

Rest of bike has progressed with tail section, battery box with lithium battery and lights fitted. now putting in a new wiring harness.
Just waiting for new tacho gauge for my refurbished instrument cluster.
Goal is to have it all done and running before Christmas.
Then I'm a gonna ride.



41 - 42 of 42 Posts