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Have been looking for a full akrapovic 4-2-1 exhaust system for my 1998 GSXR 1100 for over 6 months. I finally found one brand new from a guy in Germany that bought this exhaust for his bike back in the 90s but never installed it. Now its installed and the bike have been runned in a dyno.

My 1998 Suzuki Gsx-r 1100 is put at the test at the dynojet dyno at Speedstore located in Valbo , SWEDEN.

The bike produced :
132.27 horsepower at the rear wheel
105,75 nm of torque at the rear wheel
Converted that is 78 ft/lbs of torque at the rear wheel

First of the old stock exhuast was removed and a full titanium akrapovic 4-2-1 exhust system was installed.
The old stock Suzuki 4-2-2 full exhaust weigh 17,1 kg
The new Akrapovic 4-2-1 full sport exhaust weight 5,5kg
That is a weight saving of 11.6kg!!!
Converted to pounds that is 25.57 of pure weight savings!!!

This Gsx r 1100 is the powerful unrestricted euro verision of the bike with Mikuni BST40ss carburetors in stock form.
From the factory these carburetors are running 127.5 main jet on all 4 carburetors but after installing the full akrapovic racing exhaust they were re jetted to 132.5 on carburetor 1 and 4 and 130 on carburetor 2 and 3.

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