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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K5 launch control

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My question is there an option in the motorbike mentioned above to do a start procedure ?

My question is because I am preparing for a race and I have absolutely no idea how to do it ? In newer motorbikes I know how to do it but in an older one like I have, not necessarily... ;/

Please help and thank you in advance

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all you can do on the 05 is practice, it has no electronic aids, only a tach light for shifting, you could set it at like 4500 rpm and use it as a staging hold but throttle would still be held and controlled by your wrist the light would just be easier to look at than the needle...

to launch bring your revs up, then release your clutch just till you feel it begin to tug on the rear wheel, apply front brake, then let out more clutch ever so slightly to load up the drive system as much as possible, then at green release both at same time while feathering on throttle, at that point it's all about wheelie control so baby steps, takes practice but you can get pretty good launches manually, lay on the tank head under bubble, get as much weight on the front wheel as possible while still maintaining control..

start there for now.. there are dual stage lockups, 2 step launch control setups for drag racing.. you might be able to purchase and install a third party wheel speed sensor setup for full on electronic launch control as well? dunno
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also do you have anywhere you can practice? if you have an SLR camera on a tripod and a large parking lot where you can wind out in first gear then have ample braking set up the tripod and camera facing towards you about the distance away from a taped line on the pavement a tree or light would be from you.. set the camera to timer, ride by push button, hurry back to line, prepare the launch, the SLR flash will begin to blink, that's your yellow lights, then it will hold solid for a few seconds that's your launch..

they make great practice trees and you save track time fees so forth, maybe you have a buddy with and you can trade off launching and running the light/camera... keep practicing till you master it, start with slow low RPM launches, but work the front brake and load up the drive... GO!!!!!!! :)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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