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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K5 launch control

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My question is there an option in the motorbike mentioned above to do a start procedure ?

My question is because I am preparing for a race and I have absolutely no idea how to do it ? In newer motorbikes I know how to do it but in an older one like I have, not necessarily... ;/

Please help and thank you in advance

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No, all rider there. I have an 06 I drag race. I have a 2 step I installed on it. But still that's an add on and probably no use for road racing... I assume by "start procedure" you are talking about the launch.
That sounds a bit like 2 step before he starts to move. Not sure why it sputters thru part of first gear. The 2 step works off the clutch switch. And the bike should go to full throttle or where ever you have the throttle held to as soon as the clutch switch opens. I run a no bar Gixxer and Busa. Both have a stock clutch. Really not that hard to work the clutch and throttle to come up with a good launch. And that can give you more options depending on the track surface. The new bikes give you a lot of help with the launch. The older bikes it's all you if you're running a stock clutch.
aa this is how it works.... Thanks for your help ! when it's warmer I will try to learn as long as I don't burn the clutch hah
I go thru a few clutches in both bikes during the Summer. A Suzuki OEM clutch is as good as any after market clutch. And cheaper. You'll figure it out. And once you do. You'll be able to launch hard and without even thinking about it.
If you add a 2 step with a Flash it is Not adjustable. And the launch RPM is something that can change with surface conditions.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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