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To receive Suzuki points and/or contingencies, these requirements must be met:

1. Riders must hold an Expert license and compete in the Expert class on a 2004-2005 U.S. model Suzuki GSX-R600/750/1000 or 2003-2005 U.S. model Suzuki SV650 or SV1000.
2. These models MUST display the standard logos (GSX-R or SV in stock location)
3. A fully completed release form must be filled out online at for riders to receive contingency. Only one form needs to be completed for the year, unless the rider has a change of address. Riders must register with the Suzuki contingency program within 60 days of rider’s first event to qualify for payment. Any events prior to the 60 day period will not be paid.
<font color="red"> 4. Suzuki will pay 50% of the starting grid up to 10 places in 4-cylinder classes, 10 places in the SV1000 classes and 5 places in SV650 classes. For example, if there are 16 on the starting grid for a 4-cylinder class, Suzuki will pay 8 places. Contingency payments will not be made to classes that have fewer than five (5) riders.
5. Riders may earn Suzuki Contingency with GSX-R model motorcycles by "riding up" one class*, such as riding a 600 in the 750 class.
6. There will be no updating of Suzuki equipment- a given model year must remain stock per that model year’s Suzuki service manual. For example, you may not install a GSX-R750 "K4" engine into a GSX-R750 "K5" frame.
7. Riders falsifying claims will be automatically disqualified from the program.

*Only with participating clubs which allow "riding up."
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