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This is the recommended settings for an K4 750 on which was provided in the "Suspension Settings" portion of this forum:

GSX-R750 ('04)
front preload: 3 lines showing
front rebound damping: .75 turn
front comp. damping: 2 turns out
rear preload: 9mm thread showing
rear rebound: damping 2.5 turns out
rear comp. damping : 2.5 turns out

My question is this: What is the reference point? Are these adjustments to be made from the factory settings?

The confusion is when they say "2 turns out", it seems like they mean from when it's all the way in, which is not factory.

I want to start making small suspension adjustments to get a feel for it so I can eventually have the ideal setting for me.

Any advice is greatly apprecited. Thanks

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well how much do you weigh? if your around me 175-200 you should be fine. i used the same setting, maybe a little stiffer on the triple tree. But yes when it says 2 turns out it means all the way stiff whish is in the "H" direction, then two turns out. yes they are made from factory settings but you can still see the little rings on your forks that stick up through the triple tree. Count those "3 lines showing" or i'm actually going with more soon because a friend of mine wanted to try it for turn in speed.
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