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I was in that mess. The begining of the GTU someone decided to stuff Jensen in T6, they had a 3 ft wide puddle of water, the guy hits it and tucks the front and takes out 7-8 bikes. I checked up and almost got asspacked by 8 other bikes not paying attention. The worst wreck of the weekend by far was the MWSBK race, we come into T1 at the start and someone chops some guys front, he hits the brakes and goes over the bars. The bike cartwheeled 15 ft above everyones head and he ended up getting run over before going off the track. Then in T5 2 bikes got tangled and they red flagged the race again. The guy pitted next to me also just bought a 05 gixxer 1000 and tucked the front in 4 and managed to snap the frame in half. The only thing left was the motor, literally.
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