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Since I didn't race I won't spoil the report for the others but I will give a spectators view.
Red flags nonstop all day. They flew out someone from t10 in practice right before I arrived on Sat. It poured rain until right before the Team Challenge race then the sun came out and the track dried up. They had 2 accidents involving spectators and pit bikes / 4 wheelers that required them to leave in an ambulance, I look for them to put heavier restrictions on the use of ORV.
There were more than a couple of people turning 16's so the pace was going to be frantic in the races. They only got in 5 races besides the Team Challenge due to red flags. Race 6 (which had both BMF & NJ) was redflagged after 1 lap, restarted and then redflagged after 2 laps then cancelled (it was after 7:00) and rescheduled to run this morning at 10:30 (so much for some of the practice sessions). BMF & NJ did pretty well in thier first races (#2 & #3) and finished mid pack, BMF didn't fare so well in the last race #6
. He was running very low times and was chasing the ever elusive teens, whether or not he made it I will let him tell in his report. BMF was the final redflag of the day that stopped the race but he is OK and other than a pipe and fairing so is his bike. I didn't stay the night so as to todays races we'll have to wait for NJ to postup since he had 4 today.
Other than that it was good racing, good food, good people & good times.

It was nice to meet gixxerboy and good to see NJ, BMF and thier respective lovely ladies. I would like to thank all of them too for being so nice. My wife came to the race for the first time ever sure that she would hate it but as we were leaving she said that it was too bad we hadn't brought some spare clothes or we would get a motel room and go back for the next days races. Now if I can just convince her not to worry about me when I'm racing she might come in the future.

p.s. Gixxerboy
That picture I took did come out good
and I will post it up in the near future for all the photo chop wizards to play with.
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