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Okay i'm getting ready to purchase a full suit and boots. What do you all recommend that's economical but also will hold up. Brands? and i'm thinking a two piece suit. I'm looking into Sidi boots but not sure what brand leather suit to go with. Found some ranging from $250-$700+. and is it safe to just go by the sizing charts that are online where it list height/weight combo and then the suit size? and where the best place to buy all this at. sorry for all the questions but i'm clueless and loooking for the best deal for the best quality.
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You can try and for price comparisons. Also maybe check ebay. You can get some good deals for new leathers.
For the suit I would go try one on at a store at least to make sure you get a good fit cause you don't wanna spend that much and have it a little loose on you. I have the Alpinestar SMX-R boots and I love them. They're the perforated ones and they breath awesome. well that's just my .02 . good luck
Try to try anything on before you order it. I'd say if you can then go somewhere and try what you want on then find the best price online. I don't really want to spend much over $200 for boots so I think I'm going to go with Setup boots because I don't plan on being too crazy. If you want a good deal on Alpinestars then you should check with C1C. has some of the best prices I've been able to find.
I got Gaerne boots because i was told Sidi Corsas are just water resistant not completely water proof like the Gaernes.....i like them and they feel solid!!
i cant stress enough how important it is not to just buy gear based on color and looks... most of the time what you think fits does not fit perectly and sometimes is not comfortable at all... and i know it may be difficult to try on suits b/c stores dont carry them, so if you happen to have no choice and need to buy a suit buy it from shops that allow you to return it for free without any penalties...

for boots ive had speedmaster, sidi vert race (current), alpinestars smx plus and i didnt like the fit of speedmaster at all and the quality didnt impress me at all.. the smx plus is an excellent choice and the vert race is impressive as well..

for suits ive had 3 diff alpinestars and 2 diff joe rocket.. and none of them fit me perfectly so for my next set im going custom to get a good fit... always tight near the back of the knee area and crotch on me even though the rest fits fine...

good luck
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