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sv1000s k7 , while they have much more power than a 650, they handle decently, it certainly won't rip your arms off, my brothers got one , made 109hp with its ýoshi mufflers, i made him a two into one header and used one of the yoshi mufflers, gave 121hp, handles sweet as long as your not too heavy, i had the sv 650, it handled ok, but very limited power wise, I think it only had 63hp with a free flow exhaust.
I had two SV1000, one naked and one S. Brilliant real world bikes, comfy and fast... But they are really showing their age; the aftermarket never really caught on and the little support they had is dying. The newest ones, 2007, are already 12 years old and parts are not as readily available (not only e-bay, two years ago I found even new from Suzuki some parts were NLA, like the naked triple trees); cosmetic stuff is easy as it is shared with the 650, but SV1000 specific parts are a different story. Get on the throttle and the MPGs go to hell, expect 100 miles to a tank (less if you're really getting on it). In fact, I sold my naked SV1000 to get the GSX S750, and its better in every single way.





Both were fitted with yoshimuras, the SV1000S had the titanum RS-3 on the stock collector and the naked on a 2 into 1 carbon RS-3; The S was loud, but the N was obnoxiously loud, took it for a ride and even with earplugs it was obnoxious, a db-killer was fitted right away. The brakes are good, but given the newest one is 12 years old, master cylinder and calipers must be rebuilt along with new brake lines; then you're set for 2 finger stoppies. On the suspension side, the forks are ok, but the shock... Some people, including myself, find the rear end ridiculously harsh.

**If you know your SVs you'll notice that naked one is a 2006, which was never for sale this side of the pond. It started as a SV1000S and I converted it to a factory replica of a naked one; only non-oem parts were the exhaust, brake lines and levers; factory color code for a 2006, the point was to build a factory 2006 naked. It got the shorter naked forks, naked triple trees, naked steering damper, naked radiator, naked clutch/master cylinders, naked switch gear, naked handlebar, naked longer swingarm along with linkages, naked headlight, flyscreen and what not. It was a PITA to put it together, what new parts I could get were sourced from Europe, some other used parts that were NLA had to be sourced from e-bay and forums. Sold at a steep loss; will never do that again, for the money that went into the protect I could have got a Monster.
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