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STVA/Throttle body concerns

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I've got a 05 gsxr 750 I've just put 800 bucks into the transmission and now I've got it put back together it's throwing the STVA code 28 but only does it after idle for a few seconds (turn the switch off and then on again it shows c 00) crank it up then it idles smooth and then the idle changes and c 28 pops up again. Now the bike was tore down in my shop for like a month but I wouldn't think that had anything to do with that. Any suggestions? Or I have a whole throttle body off a 2017 gsxr 750 but don't exactly want to swap that from a running bike
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Sounds like the STVA fault is being detected after the automatic cold start adjustment cancels out a few seconds after start up.
Does the FI fault take less time to show on a warm start compared to a cold start?
If so I would be looking at assembly issues with the throttle / STVA. It shouldn't really have been touched for trans work, but you never know.
Take a good look at the eccentic actuator on the throttle bodies on the other side to the STVA actuator and see if anything looks "amiss" when starting from cold... take a video if not sure.
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