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In the process of switching out my stock bodywork on an '07 GSXR 750 to GP Composite skins. Did the tail section and am starting the front (nose) cowling. Here is where I need help from you track experts.

1) Is there a way to remove the stock fairing stay and complete stock (nose) front cowling in one piece? I'm assuming I need to remove the steering dampner and disconnect the speedometer, right. As you can see I am new at this sort of thing, but want to learn.

2) My vortex aftermarket race fairing stay does not appear to have an opening for securing the steering dampner. What do you do to accomplish this or do I have this wrong?

3) How do the ears of the Vortex fairing stay secure to the front race fairing?
it appears to not line up with the windscreen. I double checked to make sure the vortex part is correct for this model year and I did confirm it.

If anybody has pictures or can give me a step by step guide, I would really
be thankful. Winter is upon us and I look forward to tackling the job.
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