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Stoppie 101?

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Hey all, just wondering if someone could post a stoppie 101, I think they're bad ass, but not sure how to go about trying them without eating asphault. Thanks for any help.
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i dont know if you would call this a rolling stoppie. but i can feel and my riding group have said. that when i get hard on the brakes before a turn. my rear tire floats about 2 - 3" off the ground now remind you this is at speeds over 100 mph. and then im droping it just before i turn into the turn.. my next thing to learn is to power wheelie out of the turns.. I got down the power sliding. for new rides dont try this untill you learn your limits. I up shift and down shift when im cranking out hard turns. I can get the rear tire to spin alittle bit. but only in right hand turns. for some reson i cant get it to spin in left hand turns. must be in my head. i started this type of riding on my 02 GSXR600. that was not even close to stock. lets say it should have been a track bike. now im riding a nice clean used 05 GSXR750. it has about the same power as my old 600 did after the mods. my old 600 cranked out 118 at the rear wheel in 2003. this 750 feels more like 130.
still learning the feel of the bike. just be safe and dont ride beyond your limits.
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1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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