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So I had a 2006 GSXR 750 stolen out of my garage last year about this time. They also took my Honda XR200 dirtbike. Anyway, the cops just called me Sunday and said they found the bike. I guess it's had a hard time being wrecked and repeatedly stolen this past year and the last one to have her wrecked and was run over by a car. So I go and get the bike and at first, it looks awful. Everything is broken and there are more zip ties and duct tape than actual body panels. No headlight, turnsignals, or taillight anymore. Gauges hanging in place with like 40 zip ties. All the locks have been punched out. I immediately grab a screwdriver and turn the ignition, but nothing happens. More on that later. So anyway, the longer I look, the less there is that looks broken. The frame is straight with only light scratches down the right side. The forks are straight and still move freely. I then proceeded to remove all the bodywork and gas tank and airbox. I grab a multimeter and check my battery. 12.3v. Ok, so then all the fuses. Nope, they're all good too. Strange... I get online and most of the internet said check the tip over sensor. I found it, disassembled and reassembled but that made no difference. At this point for some reason I unhooked and plugged my gauges back in. The needle did it's turn-on sweep from 0-15000rpm. No other lights or sounds or anything. I can't get the fuel pump to prime, or the SET valve to do it's turn-on twitch dance. All that moves is the RPM needle when unplugged and re-plugged. So, what do you guys think it could be? I've looked at everything I can think of short of replacing the ignition switch (keyhole) but the kid wrecked it so it was running with that one before... I don't know. Anyone got any clue?
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