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No such thing as stock.. If you do a seach on here, it has been talked about like 100 times..
Funny thing that search button.. You can get a lot of info from it..


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Stock's an OK starting point. In fact, (within reason) a good rider on standard stuff will be faster than an average rider on 'trickier' in my opinion. That's my excuse anyway, cus mine still carries the stock hardware.

This is how suzuki mean us to have it :

Front :
preload : 4 rings showing.
Rebound : 9/8th's out
compression : 1 turn out.
Rear :
Spring lenght : 194mm
rebound : 1 turn out
compression : 5/6th's turns out

BUT. You need to set the SAG up right for you, how much do you weigh ?? Normal road use ? Fast road/track ?

Go here for a read up on what we're talking about.

Also do a search going back a couple of days in here, it was covered including the sag measurements you need to be aiming for.
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