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Hey guys, so i have a 750 K8, stock gearing and a slip on with a power commander..

Now i can sometimes brign the front up with a good hard kick of the throttle in 1st. Now, if i've been riding for a few hours, the bike will NOT power wheelie in 1st no matter what. I don't know if its because its a lot warmer, tyres are stickier, maybe chain loosens up a bit with heat etc...but yeah it won't come up in 1st from power.

I weight about 72-73kg (160pounds) 170cm 5'7".

Now, clutchies.

I can clutch it up in 1st, no probs.

2nd gear though, even with pretty much WOT throttle and a clutchy, it will only come up maybe a foot of the ground at best, and it just won't come up further.

How do people wheelie these things over 100km/h???

By standing and 'bouncing' how do you brign the front up in even like 3rd gear if i can't do it in 2nd???
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