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GSX-R 600 K6 and GS 500F K8
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Hello guys!

Wanted to share my story with you. Hope I can help others with this idea.

So I tried soooo many aftermarket exhausts or just heard them on a K6/K7. Every exhaust system or muffler was loud for me. Also, I like the stock aesthetic look of the original muffler. In my opinion it is 10/10. I decided to get rid of the cat in the stock muffler system thing. It is an all-in one system not like on the K8. This system contains 2 inline pipes with 1-1 corners and before the gases leave the muffler they go into a "chamber" which is fitted with glass wool or something like that. Maybe ceramic wool I think.

I cut on the other side to be able to push out the honeycomb. After that I cleared the inside and welded back with MIG and copper wire. I sprayed zink on it to prevent corrosion. I didn't have black paint so I left is that way for now.

My bike specifications:
K6 600, -1 +2, no SET valve

Deeper idle tone, a little more performance after 9-10k rpm, sometimes pops really good

Still a heavy 6 kg muffler

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