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Stock air box removal

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how do you remove the stock air box, I have removed the pins that hold the air box to the carbs and all bolts (i think) it wiggles around but how do you get it out does it break down into two pieces because there is no room to get it out it seems unless it breaks down HELP!!
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so where do I fine some of these Flatslides? I have looked on the actual Mikuni website but they dont sell them on there for some reason..I wish someone would have told me that it would have this much of an effect and I wouldnt have hacked pieces of it off... own mistake but where can I find some 34mm flatslides?
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APE has them new
and always watch ebay
depending on your money
new is nice but price is higher
new about $550
used about $300
Donnie Darko said:
so where do I fine some of these Flatslides?
If I wanted some, I'd call Dwayne at Cycle Concepts:

Cycle Concepts- High Performance Specialists
1625 Lynwood Dr
Lancaster,SC 29720
if you would rather use a stock airbox i have an extra one laying around that i could dig up for ya. if you want it send me a pm.i actually have two. one has a k&n inside and the other has a uni-filter in it. let me know. whole lot cheaper than flatslides...
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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