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Still waiting for my bike ?

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I was told today that I may not see my 07 Blue/White 750 untill maybe December ? I live in Louisiana and was looking to see if any one here has seen a 07 blue/white at a dealer in there state ?
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on the showroom floor, Hudson Valley Suzuki, in Millwood NY

Tell em you saw it at another dealer but you would much rather purchase it from a dealer you trust. they will get it.
dealers have all the colors in San Antonio. even the 06 colors
Theres 3 sitting on the showroom floor in CA, but I was told they are moving fast as always, I mean they are gixxers after all :)
There was one at bellflower motorsports in SoCal when i bought my 06 6.
I was told by a dealer in MN that they aren't getting any until Feb-March.
Shit ! Dealers should not see any new 1000's till Feb-March. I have my Arrow pipe, Levers, Licence bracket and som hyper white bulbs to replace the stk ones all sitting in the corner of my living room. If someone has a blue/white 07 allready please post a pic, thanks....
I have to go down to my dealer here within the next couple of days when my exhaust gasket makes it in. I know when I bought my 06 black/yellow a month ago they had a 07 blue/black. I'll ask for you, I'm up in Lake Charles btw. Might be a couple days as I'm kind of busy and will just ask when I make it to the dealership
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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