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After searching I have a list of different approaches to bypassing the steering Damper. For a manual damper.
4 different types of resistors in my search.
Do we have a consensus on which way to go, which resistor ?
I have a K7 1000 are these for different year models ?
1W - 10o, 8.5W - 13o, 0.5 W - 1000o, 2 x 0.5W - 30o.
I will use the old solenoid if I have to.

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This indicates that a 20 ohm resistor will work. Given that a .5 watt is prone to failure, I'd be inclined to use a 2 to 5 watt resistor. A 5 watt wirewound is still fairly small, i.e. 3/4" long x .3" diameter.

P.S. I recall that the Ohlins resistor is sold separately and will plug straight in. But it costs and arm and a leg.

P.P.S. The Ohlins resistor is 21702-01. I couldn't find a list price but here's one auctioned in Japan for around $90. Despite it's large size, Ohlins warns that it can get as hot as 80 °C. No idea what it's resistance is.
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