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Starving for fuel after valve adjustment!! Please help!

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Have a 98 gsxr 600 that i paid a shop to do a valve adjustment. When i went to pick it up it acted as if it was starving of fuel at high rpms after 1st gear. If you tape off the air ducts it runs fine telling me its a fuel issue. All lines have been replaced fuel pump is priming and puttin out a steady stream at idle. Plugs are new. Carbs have been cleaned. Only thing i havnt done is clean the fuel pump. They did have to remove the carbs as one peice and remove the tank. They say valves are in spec according to manual. Is there something they could have done to make this happen or maybe im missing? PLEASE help i love this bike so much!
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maybe they forgot to connect the hoses form carbs to air box, the large 2 into one plugs in front of air box, check it

it should have a small inline filter before it splits off into 2.. its about a 1/2" ID hose.. single hose plugs into front of air box, it curls around some

the 2 hose ends plug into the top rail of carbs, there are 2 tees with nipples between carbs 1 and 2 and 3 and 4..

if its not laying there they left it off the bike, better bring it back have em install it
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