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Starting, Idling and Performance problem

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Good Morning Guys

I would really appreciate it if you can help me diagnose my problem on a GSXR1000 k9 with 26000km on it.

1. When I start my bike when it's cold it starts first time but sounds like something is runing with the motor for a few seconds and then it idles rough for a couple of minutes

2. When I took a short ride and it heated up a bit if I switch of and start again I have to throttle it to start but with no funny sound just the rough idling.

3. When i open it up a bit exceeding 9000rpm it starts to jerk and feels like it misfires and battles to exceed the 280kmp/h mark.

4. I have a dynojet quickshifter installed with custom mapping, if I change before 8000rpm it shifts smoothly anything above it feels like the engine cuts out to long which causes a nose dive.

Thanks in advance
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Check your foot position near the quickshifter. If it’s sensitive, just resting your foot on the shift lever may be causing it to cut. Try to reconfigure shift switch.
could also be a blocked or dirty fuel pump. The pickup has a filter which commonly gets clogged.
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