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I would like to review Stalemate27 Custom Paint. Official sponsor of

1st off Stale and GDC came to an agreement on the paint job so I am not going into the particulars on pricing. He is now a sponsor of mine because I am so happy with how this came out.

Overall, I love the fricken paint job he did. Completely Flesh. I had basically told Stale the paint job was 100% up to him, all I wanted was it to say really big on the uppers/lowers. Other than that totally up to him, I was originally going to just paint the bike flat black and this is so much better. Stale took it apon himself to paint in my yellow plates which was uber cool but he did not stop there! adornes both sides of the lower, very big I might add. Along with that ,on the top of the tail on the bubble it says "Fleshy". On the tank which is fricken awsome I might add he put 2 black Suzuki decals on each side. On the top of the tank it says "Team Skinny" with a dog pissing on the Team part which is clear coated in
The colors are basically White and Black with some red highlights in certain places. MUCH better than the Miami Vice look these plastics had going on.

I have really not done any body work in my life and I had gotten a wrecked tank when I decided to race. I did my best to bondo the huge ass gaping dent on one side (see pictures below and laugh) but really had a hard time trying to match the sides up right, even after my second attempt at bondo'ing it. 1st off Stale hated my attempt and took it apon himself without my knowledge to find a cheap tank on Ebay. The replacement ended up being worse than my original he god bless him pulled out the dents and fixed my uber shitty bondo job!It looks basically flawless. Thanks BTW

The paint itself is good. There are no thick spots or drips at all, very uniformed. The lines are real nice and in my opinion it is very custom and clean. After mounting my bodywork none of the paint cracked or chipped as I tightened up the bolts. Very sturdy job.

Stales customer service is top notch. He kept me up to date on the paint job as he had regular paying customers in front of me which I was totally cool with. The bodywork came back packaged way better than it was sent out. He outdid the UPS store's original packing 10 fold.

Overall I could not be happier with the job that he did. I know for a fact he is getting better and better. That last pict of the 600RR 100% sold me on his work and once I got my stuff back I am COMPLETELY satisfied. You have earned my return buisness and you have earned my approval Stalemate!

5 outta 5 baby, count em! And that aint no bs, I am 1000000% satisfied.

And now tha picts.

And just to show you what stale had to work with tank wise lol
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