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It's been a while since my purchase with both of the sellers but both were great to deal with!

OG had some amazing prices on what I needed and he was open and honest and showed me every little scratch on the fairings just so I was aware! He made me a great deal on a whole fairing set and windscreen and rear brake pedal. The pieces and prices he had we top notch and a huge bang for your buck. I would recommend people to buy parts from him any time. Super easy to work with and great responses and honesty. Can't attest to shipping because he was kind enough to allow me to pick the parts up, but I'm sure it's not an issue with OG.

Sradiator. I think I probably annoyed him with all my back and forth decisions but he is another great seller to deal with. He fully tested the parts I ordered from him and I had it on my doorstep in days. I don't mind paying a little more money with srad because his parts are top notch. He was great to deal with and will try and take care of his customers. I made the mistake of not specifying that I needed the black lever on the petcock. I pm'd him asking where it was and he explained that he/Suzuki sell the prices separately. He was kind enough to take the time to look around his shop for one and he worked the problem out in a timely and professional manor. Please note it WAS NOT HIS FAULT I didn't specify that I needed the black lever. Anyway great seller with great communication and product and shipping.

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