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This is extremely niche, but as SRADs become more of a collectors item, hopefully this will help someone out at some point...

There are 4 rubber grommets which attach the headlight to the speedometer bracket; 2 on the back of the headlight housing and 2 on the bottom. As they dry rot and break, it'll cause the entire front fairing to shake over bumps. I haven't been able to find a part number for these specific grommets, and they don't show up in any part diagram. However, McMaster-Carr has ones which as far as I can tell are completely identical-

They only come in packs of 100, so if anyone needs a set, I have 96 extra...

These should work on any SRAD- 1996-1999 GSXR 750 or 1997-2000 GSXR 600

Bonus pic of my toys-

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I think the genuine ones are called 'headlight or headlamp cushions'. I keep stop/starting work on getting my bike back on the road, but I know I ordered genuine ones of them. I'll go through the parts I have and post the part number if I remember.
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