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Hi all... Had a headache with a set of carbs somebody been tampering before i got bike as project, Had to order 2 new slides as Tabs broken and glued, whole new body on number 1 due to snapped/missing emulsion tube, when bike was running was extremely rich on 3 cyls, splutters badly mid range, my main question is, the needles that came with bike are unlabeled guessing from a jet kit, also found 3 x 5DH29-54 with the spares, was going to go back to those as guessing originals, any ideas where I can purchase another ? So I have 4 or would it make a great difference having 3 labled & 1 un named which is a lot slimmer, pics attached of both needles 👌

Gsxr 600 srad 1997 uk model without solenoids

Carb settings ATM:

12.5 pilots
125 mains x 4
110 pilot air

Also unsure about the hole next to pilot air number 1 is open which has been replaced rest seem sealed. Pics attached

Any help with any of above would be appreciated thanks 😊


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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