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SRAD 600 firing on two cyclinders Hellllpp!!

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Hi guys my names Richy been biking for around 3 years have bought an SRAD 600 x reg (carbed) with the intention of saving it from the dreaded scrappy and was doing a good job until recently.
Before I bought the bike it had been sitting for 6 years so far I’ve replaced stator, battery, reg rectifier, sus bushes and bearings, swing arm, refurbed brakes, carb clean, TPS sensor, ECU, fork seals and various little bits. I actually got it through it’s mot as well without slipping the guy a few bucks.
but now she has decided to only fire on two cylinders 1 + 3 are not working. I have tried new ecu + TPS and change the plugs I have even tried switching the coils around but no luck.
Any advice guys I feel like my wages are going down the drain. My backgroud is working on compressors and used to work on cars as a Panel bearer so know how to work a multi meter etc.
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Hey guys been through fuel and cleaned tank I live in UK and we have 97 Octon fuel that I use from shell (I only use shell fuel) so don’t think it’s fuel. Swapped coils over and it still won’t run on cylinders 1 + 3 going to pull the coils and plugs out today and check compression also check how much voltage is going through the coils.
Will post on here tonight.
Nice to see someone updating their progress, hope you get it sorted soon.
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Right gents

plenty of compression but when I took the new sparks out they were clean very clean like new clean which is tell me there is not enough fuel or vacuum.
Attached a vacuum gauge on carb 3 which isn’t working and yup it’s showing -5ish instead of around -20. Can you adjust these carbs?
Have you checked the diaphragms in the carbs, also the tube that goes from the airbox ( rhs as you sit ) to the carbs, known to perish and cause issues.
Has she had a fuel flow test and petcock ( tap ) rebuild. Or tried pouring some fuel into the carbs to see if she fires on four.
carbs needing overhauled?
Full strip and rebuild\refurb, clogged jets from standing.
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