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been looking at some sprockets for my bike and i really just dont want any old vortex sprocket...even though that is a good brand, i want a really trick piece...i see some 600s with like a blue anodized rear sprocket with like piece of metal cut out on some sort of desing it looks really nasty...i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find this?t

ill try and find a pic so you guys/girls can pinpoint what it is...

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um vortex? search on the forum and you'll see thread with stripped teeth, same the r1forum and other large forums.

if you want a colored the sprocket the only hard anodized ones i know of are driven sprockets. We sold a few blue ones this week and they do look really good. If you want gold interior w/ black teeth you can go w/ stealth sprockets.

If you want colored I would say that driven sprockets are your best bet since they are light weight alum and still hard anodized. They are truly awesome sprockets.
its called sidewinder.. who cares what it looks like it'll get dirty from the road in no time.

these are race bikes, not poser bikes
who says my bike is a poser bike...its my first bike and in 10 weeks i put 6500 miles on the bike, so my bike is def rode a lot...

i keep my bike clean and that driven sprocket in blue is exactly what i am looking for...

why get in a reg alum finish when i can get it in blue to maych a color on my bike?

i hear what your saying about people not riding these bikes hard, how they are suppose to be riden, i dont have any track expierience like yourself but every chance i get to go on a ride with some major twisties i jump at the oppritunity...

sorry to get in your face but i took that personal becasue i ride the hell out of my bike but also love to keep it looking clean

Gimpsta stop being a dick :spit

I know what you mean man. My 03 could have been a show bike (as long as you didnt look to close), but I also rode the shit outta it. It was NOT a trailor queen, and had tons of customizaion.

Gimpsta used to be a stunter, who now does the track, and if you dont do everything just like him your wrong..... :lol
i wish i had enough money to go to the track all the tiem and have a serious race thinking maybe sometime in the next year to get another gixxer and i would like to turn it into some sort of medium budget race bike...

any suggestions for the bike to purchase?

Best bet for a starter race bike is an SV 650, most bang for the buck. I didnt listen to my own advice thoguh :lol
sidewinder and stealth are the same thing except for the fact sidewinder has been stiffing people for a few years for over 100 dollars for a sprocket that shouldn't be. stealth and sidewinder are both made by supersprox. since we worked with the distributor to bring the stealth back after we saw sidewinders prices you can now get the stealth for around 90 dollars shipped to your door or a kit for right around 200 dollars w/ a stealth.

sidewinder is just renaming the stealth sprocket and charging well over 100 dollars...
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