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Hey guys,
Just installed my speedohealer on my 2005 gsxr600 and it seems tobe spot on but I have a couple concerns. When programming, the online calculator asks for:

-Factory Speedo Error
-Factory ODO Error

I was wondering how to find these values? I wanna program it for 50% tire wear and new gearing is 16/48 whereas old gearing was 16/45...anyone know what values I should plugin for the two listed above?

Also - I've notice alot of lag when coming to a quick stop. Seems like by the time I stop, it still says anywhere between 5 and 8mph and slowly gets back down to this normal?



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nooo they have EXCELLENT SERVICE GUYS!~!!! they helped me out and got her running perfect. And the response was super fast!!!!

here's their email which was recieved just a couple hours after i sent it.

"Hi Matt,

Thank you for the compliment!

I'd recommend to use the on-line calculator with the default values (i.e.
+5.5% speedo error and 0% odo error). These defaults are best suited for
most sportbikes.
But you can measure the factory speedo error by using the SH in test mode.
Refer to FAQ #16 and #17:
Then just update the Sprocket fields, press Calculate and then Generate.

If you want the best accuracy, you will need to use the 'Precise' version of
the on-line calculator. In this case you need a good speed reference, such
as a GPS or radar display. You can also calculate your true speed. Please
check section 3.b and 3.c in the Manual, which can be downloaded from:

Suzuki speedos use very slow upate frequencies compared to other makes. It
is noticable especially at low speeds (below 10mph or so), because the
update frequency is proportional to velocity. If you switch the SH into
Transparent mode by a reset, you can see that there is some speedo lag even
without SH. (You can find the instructions for the reset command attached.)
During take off and acceleration, the SH does not increase the speedo lag.
However, when you stop quickly, it takes some time for the SH to recognize
that the wheel is completly stopped due to the very slow update information
from the speed sensor. So the speedo lag may be increased slightly when you
stop quicly.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.
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