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I took out my spark plugs today from my 2nd hand 10,000 mile k4 GSXR 600...just for routine maintenance..

I inspected them for wear and though the gap is still ok, the burn was a bit worrying to me. The colour was a slightly white and the finish was almost gloss. There was absolutely no carbon soot whatsoever and no brown colour.To me this means that the engine is running slightly lean...on the plus side no signs of detonation were observed...

I checked the number and they are NGK CR9's which is what the manual recommends. the manual also recommends to go a step towards the cold range and buy NGK CR10's if you notice a hot burn. So I just ordered 4 CR10 plugs. Now my question is has someone encountered this problem before...should I worry about detonation and piston damage? The only modification to the bike is a free flowing can (that is as loud as fook :))....I live in a hot climate (20-35 degrees celsius normally)

Also I noticed that the standard air cleaner element is slightly on the dirty side..not much..but I am thinking I better just replace it since I have the bike apart now. Should I go for standard, K&N, BMC..? Where's the best place to buy one off the net...? I dont want to spend much. Thanks!
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