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SOLD - 2014 GSXR1000 Rebuilt Title $7500

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Bought this as a project to have something to do during the pandemic. It’s way too much bike for my 57 year old reflexes. Turned out real nice, needed nothing major. Rides like a dream.

Bike has a rebuilt title but is in amazing shape. VIN report shows the bike had 6 miles on it when it was registered in April 2019. I looked at the plugs, throttle bodies, sprockets, air filter, intake valves, brake pads and everything was like new. That is why it was worth buying and restoring even though the front end plastic was gone (presumably destroyed when it ran into something).

Unfortunately the original instrument cluster did not come with the bike so exact mileage is unknowable. The used cluster I bought reads 16k-something. Actual mileage is less than a thousand by my reckoning. Before I added about 500 and will continue to add.

Bike is near Augusta, Georgia. 600s are more my speed at this age. Literally.

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Just curious if anyone has his number to reach out to him about me being interested in this bike..I sent a PM but don't know if he checks in on a regular basis..Much appreciated..
Yes I'm still interested..Sent a text to that number.Not sure if it's a land line..
Anyways just got home from work..2am..
Work nights..So I will call later today..

Thx for reaching out..
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