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Snap-On Tools For Sale

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Hey guys

I have the hook up for Snap-on tools.
So to everyone here I am offering my services and discounts to you.
Large items such as tool boxes and so forth are sort of out of the question unless you care to pay freight.

Everything must be paid in full that you wish to purchase since of course I have to pay it in full to get the items before I can move them on to you. As well there are no revolving accounts for this so there is no payment plan (unless you care to make payments before said item is shipped).

Most things I can incorporate shipping or we can work out a deal, or you can simply flip the bill for shipping. Depends on what is purchased and how many items you get at once.

I am not a vendor or anything of the sorts and I want to help out many of the guys that have helped me in my endeavours. Who does not want good deals on good tools?

However, most of these tools will of course be new but in fact I will occasionally have used tools if you want a cheaper alternative if available.

I believe there are a few people that can vouch for me if they wish to step forward. I have done business with a few members.

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i need a new complete set of soft grip drivers, something like SGDX60BG.
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