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Was getting fast Saturday, broke my previous best time by 0.2 seconds and did that two sessions in a row. This was on shagged tires too, so no doubt when I put new tires on for Sunday, I'd be going even faster. No mishaps Saturday, just one guy that crashed and his bike went up in flames and melted the entire front end. Wasn't a pretty sight, the guy was okay except for a hurting ankle (possibly broken).

Sunday...first practice, second lap, had just crossed the start finish line and I hear this loud "pop", almost like a backfire on a downshift. I made a mental, but it didn't sound bad so I went through turn one, got on the gas on the way out and NO power. Wtf? So I pull the clutch in and coast, revving it a couple times and listening, sounds horrible, loud ticking. So I coast through the next corner and then pull off and shut off the engine. Pushed it back to the pits after the session was over. Fired it up twice more to let a few people hear it, and they almost all said it was the cam chain tensioner. So my day was over on my racebike. The Michelin tire guy let me take out his 125 to maintain points in my classes and what a blast, but a lot of work. So I still got points, but was dead last in all my races. And with the times I was getting to, I probably would've been racing for a podium finish. Oh well, stuff happens. And Sunday was a crash fest for the novices, something like 11 crashes. Overall, an okay weekend, pretty bummed about not being able to compete on my bike. And hopefully it is just the CCT and the engine is okay.

Dave Pillar got his first 1st place podium in our money race too (he's on the boards, Blue_White_By_U). Troy was doing okay, he said he was still scared in turn 2 where he had had a really bad crash last year. He's still not back up to speed yet, but getting there.

Also, a few of our local guys made a showing at PPIR, taking 28th (Garza) and 30th (Moham) in the supersport race, 22nd (Mathiason) in FX, 23rd (Garza) in superstock. Moham is the guy I was trading paint with the first race weekend.
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