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Bought about 300 in parts from him about a month ago! Wont answer my emails or anything! I know he hasnt posted on this site much, but just giving a warning if you see him on other sites! I saw him on SBN.

Here is the original link ...

Here is another link ...

I have already filed through PayPal and am looking for other places to file through too!

He did answer my email when he saw that I posted up about him not shipping me the parts and said he was having some problems and that they would go out that day! He said I would have to tell PayPal to stop the block on his account or something so he could pay for shipping! LOL! Needless to say, I told him he could pay for shipping with a CC, cash or check and when I get all my stuff, I would tell PayPal that he did send everything!

His PayPal account/email is [email protected]

His name is William Meuse
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