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Just back from the races and it has been a truly amazing experience.
Was there for the full weekend and saw both fridays practice, saturdays qualifying and the race on sunday.
Even though we had a wet race on sunday it is just beyond belief how fast these guys rides in the rain and allthough it would have been nice to see the race in dry conditions it was an event I will never forget.
We were seated on the Main Grandstand just in front of Rossi's pit. From there we could see almost 80% of the track.

On the negative side, there was very little food and drinks to buy. Don't know why, I was expecting the Chinese to come out in force here but there was hardly nothing. A BIG down after visiting the Sachsenring in Germany last year.
Also I was again dissapointed at the almost absence of effects like like t-shirts caps etc... there was to buy. Limited choice and all the original MotoGp stuff was very expensive and not very good looking IMO. All dominated by Rossi effects.

And shame on all others than Yamaha and BMW to not have stands.

Transport to down town Shangahai was not arranged and we had to take care of that our self. That is not very easy when you are standing as a white man in the middle of the Chinese country side I can tell you .

However the racing itself was great and the roar of these machines is so raw and loud it is just orgasmatic and hearing the whole field reving it up at the start is something special.

The highlight of the weekend for me was Hopkins qualifying at 4th place on the grid and when Roberts led the race for the first 5 laps. However as you all have seen he got problems and had to retire, but I think Hopkins did a great job in finishing 7th after beeing off the track. This kid has something going I can tell you and it would have been very interesting to see what he could have done in a dry race.

There was also some very good racing in the 125's and 250's. Great to watch that elbow to elbow finish in the 250 class.

It is very limited how much you can move around the Shangahai circuit so I couldn't get any good action shots for you, but anyway here are few for you.

View from our seats

Ducati pit



Camel Honda

Turn 1

Start and finish straight towards turn 1 as seen from our seats

Start and finish straight towards the final turn as seen from our seats

The main grand stand was spectacular

Suzuki pit

Suzuki pit on raceday

Repsol Honda pit on race day

Riders coming out of the final turn


Gibernau after catching pole on the very last lap

A dissapointed Rossi walking away after qualifying 6th on the grid

Two sexy things....and there were plenty of these girls down town to have fun with. Shanghai is an amazing city and should be visited

Rossi's 2004 bike I think...and look at that girl

........more pure sex

Starting grid

....and finally a familiar sight.....Rossi on top of the podium with Jaques and Melandri

Some more shots

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