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set valve full exhaust and engien going lean??

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Hi, I have a complete stock GSR 750 2014 model with bodis slip on. I have disabled the exhaust valve, do anyone know if i actually have to tune/map my engine after this because its just bad for the engine? Im not looking for tuning to get more HP, just want the engine to run healthy.

If i dont have to tune/map by doing this, do i have to tune/map if i change for a full exhaust system? Or can i put on a full exhaust system and leave the engine completely stock? :)
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The SET removal should not be an issue. If you are stock with just a slip on you shouldn't have to change fuel maps as the biggest change is sound, not exhaust flow. The full headers and exhaust will flow a significant amount more and mapping and a dyno run would be in order.
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